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How do you write these things? 18,f,comedies,pretty things, and really anything i find funny. Subscribed to way too many youtubers.


I’m 14 years old and i listen to led zeppelin only. only the band Led , zeppelin. i will liste off the albums released by led zeppelin, i am only 14 years but i can do this, becausei  listen to “led zeppelin”. led zellpelin 1, led zepellin 2, 3, 4, houses of the holy, led zeppelin, this band i know but i am 14. Led zeppelin is a band i listen to but i am much younger than other people who listen to led zeppelin. 14 years old

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orphan black au where everything is the same except paul is played by natalie dormer

i approve this message 

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Constellations (x)

Tree of Life
from Animalium.


like 98% of my problems would be solved if i stopped overthinking things and calmed the fuck down and stopped being such a panicky, anxious little shit

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